SecCommerce has been developing electronic signature components since 1998.

SecCommerce's software solutions make software key and smartcard technology available for gateway, workflow, and archive scenarios. SecCommerce's products offer and connect to existing public key infrastructures (PKI) and ensure timely compliance with government and industry mandates.

SecCommerce's customers include government agencies, social insurance carriers, and organizations in financial services, health care, e-commerce, telecommunications, systems integration and information technology.


SecSign ID

Highly secure and easy two-factor user authentication per smart phone based upon PKI (Public Key Infrasturcture). The used challenge-response procedure is based on asymmetric encoding (RSA) with key pairs up to a length of 2048 bit. More...

SecSign Overview

SecSign Portal

The cloud for sensitive business data - Your data volume is too large or too confidential and can therefore not be sent as simple email attachment?

SecSign portal meets at the same time the company requirements of data security and the users' request of usability as well as availability (independent of location and device) of the data.

SecSigner 3.6

Qualified electronic signature creation and verification of electronic signatures according to signature law. SecSigner runs as a Java applet directly within your browser and may alternatively be installed locally.

Supported signature formats are PKCS signatures (Public Key Cryptography Standards), PDF signatures and XMLDSig.


Client signature generation and verification for scanned documents (eg. TIFF, PDF, PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2, JBIG2) featuring server-side signature verification and permission control.
This solution is compliant to ยง110d of the German social law (SGB 4) for the signature of images permanently usable by machines.


Central server solution for complex scenarios such as:

  • Automatic signature generation for e-mails or files
  • Verification and long term archiving of signature data like hash values, OCSP certificate checks and time stamps, compliant to auditing requirements

  • Protection of web servers by smart card authentication of users

Handles multiple clients, users and trust centers.